About me


I’ve been doing pole since, what feels like forever, but ends up in about 5 years in total. I started in my home town, Stockholm and ended up in my current location, Västerås. I started as a student at SweetLife Pole and the rest is history.

Why poledance?

I personally find poledance to be one of the best ways of working out. You get to use your whole body (and a great deal of mind) to be able to coordinate yourself on the pole. You are the weight you are lifting, you are the resistance and you are the movement. You are working with your own body and you create your own possibilities. I don’t do any other exercise than pole, it’s not necessary as my body gets a full workout from one pole session. It might not be for everyone, but everyone can do it!

What do I do?

I’m first of all proud to be one of the instructors at SweetLife Polestudio in Västerås, Sweden. I teach classes up to advanced levels, spinnypole and high-heels choreography. I also host various kinds of events in my polestudio and also do workshops. If you want some more time to practice something special you can also book private lessons.

When I’m not teaching classes I work out on my own, planning future happenings, putting together competition routines or rest in some stretching. I’m also a certified by Sens’X Wo-man Professional on depilation procedure with Sens’X Wo-man Professional honey emulsion

Besides all of that one of my greatest love is in the art of photography. I’m extremely lucky to have a beautiful collaboration with the talented photographer Ole Sollie – Solliefoto.se. As often as possible I’m trying to do some pole-photo shoots and let him work his magic with the camera. What I want to do is I want to give my followers a raw picture of reality. We don’t do filters and we don’t do editing. what is there, is there.

It’s a great way to see your own progress and it’s a fun challenge, trying to tell a story with a single picture. Trying to be some sort of an inspiration to others.

Do you want to try?

If you haven’t tried it yet – do it straight away! Sign up for one of our classes at SweetLife Pole, attend one of our try-out evenings where you get to try the simplest of things and a chance to be spellbound, for free. Do it with a friend, or on your own. Let the polestudio be a place where you come to be yourself and focus on that – yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a champion, if you just want to challenge yourself and get a good workout or in need of a place to feel fierce and get to boost your self confidence, everyone’s welcome! ❤️

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